What Benefits Might MCOA Offer to You?

A common voice to government

Government is not able to listen to each and every person that comes to them for support or with concerns, let alone respond to those concerns. A focused group or unified voice can bring common issues to the attention of government. It can also work with government to create viable and applicable solutions for those issues, or to strategically work to move the industry forward. An industry group can provide a focal point for government to collect the information that it needs to make informed decisions. In essence, the association becomes a sort of liaison with government — for the overall good of the industry.

Access to information
Many associations provide information to their members in a variety of forms — from workshops and conferences, to field days and focus group sessions. Printed materials like newsletters, brochures, and websites also provide valuable information. In some cases, associations have dedicated employees who are tasked with helping members and their particular needs on a daily basis. Conversely of course, this information is also available to people outside the industry; like your potential customers, to name the most important.

Market development and research

Associations will often participate in activities that might provide some market spinoff benefits. If market development and research is one of the purposes of an association, it is likely that your participation and involvement will be required, and will be key components in achieving successful outcomes and results.

Promotion, branding and visibility

An association is the face and voice of an industry, and as such, spends a great deal of effort in promoting the benefits, strengths and values of the industry. It might generate promotional materials or attempt to direct customers to its membership or the things that its membership offers. Most organizations connect with the media and have websites and other promotional tools. Marketing and communication are key components for organizations and provide significant value to members.

Access to group Insurance Policies

An organization with a large membership base may have the drawing power required to entice insurance companies to offer a reduced group rate to its members.

Access to resources

A large membership base also gives organizations the opportunity to benefit from collective ordering and purchasing, allowing the association to provide certain common items to their membership at reduced costs — items such as shipping costs, packaging or plant materials, for example.

Collective research

Many organizations either conduct their own research, , or sponsor research which serves the entire industry by providing information, answers and solutions back to the group. These are a just a few of the benefits that can result from membership in an industry association. No doubt you will identify others that we have missed. as with any endeavor: you get from it what you put into it. Whichever direction you choose, get involved, volunteer, ask questions — communicate, cooperate, collaborate and reap the benefits!

The Top Ten Reasons to Join MCOA

  1. Increased market share
  2. Promotion, branding and visibility
  3. Collective market development and research
  4. Education opportunities
  5. Wider access to industry information
  6. Wider access to resources, lower costs, bulk ordering
  7. Group insurance policies
  8. A common voice to government
  9. Support of a like-minded community
  10. Get involved and meet your neighbours!